Power Flow’s Short Stack now available for Piper PA-28 and Grumman owners

Response from Cessna 172 and 177 owners to the new short stack exhaust pipe was so enthusiastic that Power Flow has added the option for PA-28 and Grumman AA5 owners.

The new short stack is designed to significantly diminish the profile and weight of the original exhaust duct, which is sold as standard equipment on their tuned exhausts systems.

The short stack significantly alters the cowl profile for the aircraft on which it is mounted and offers many of the performance-enhancing qualities of the earlier models of Power Flow Exhaust Systems, while making it substantially easier to remove the lower cowling with the need to disconnect the muffler assembly first.

Short stacks can be ordered as an optional alternative on a new tuned exhaust system or purchased separately for retrofit on existing systems. As a part of new equipment, the short stack adds $400 to the price for a PA-28, $450 for the Grumman. Second generation tuned exhaust system retrofits run $595 for both.

For more information: 386-253-8833.

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