The other Liberty Bell

In the April 2005 issue were pictures and story of the B-17, “Liberty Belle.” There was another B-17 in the 8th Air Force with the name “Liberty Bell” (note spelling).

This “Liberty Bell” flew with the 365 Squadron, 305th Bomb Group out of Chelveston. The pilot was Richard Wolff (deceased) and I believe he was from Philadelphia, Penna.

This “Liberty Bell” is now on display at the entrance to Grissom Air Force Base, where the 305th has a building with memorabilia of the group, including the Schweinfurt flag.

When the 42nd (Rainbow) Division captured Schweinfurt with a loss of not more than 60 men — compared with a loss of 600 men in 60 planes in raids on the town — the infantry secured a Nazi flag, 15 feet by 8 feet inscribed with “The Rainbow has avenged your losses at Schweinfurt” and sent it to the 8th Air Force.

General Spaatz personally selected Chelveston to receive this flag. It was presented to the men at Chelveston on June 8, 1945.

Tom Creekmore
365th Squadron, 305th Bomb Group(60 years later)

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