Accidentally identified

First I want to compliment you on the quality of your publication. I like the Pacific Northwest regional coverage and find the aviation news very informative.

In your April 22 issue Accident Reports (page 51), the second accident involves the loss of a Cessna T207 near Merlin, Ore. I was acquainted with the pilot. He was well-experienced and had nearly 35,000 hours.

The account states that he was flying from Bend to Grants Pass. Actually he was flying from North Bend (KOTH) to Grants Pass, not from Bend, Ore. I am based at KOTH and fly this route regularly. It is a 35-minute trip.

The towns of Bend and North Bend are often confused by non-Oregonians, even though they are quite some distance apart. North Bend is on the southern coast while Bend is 140 miles inland near the center of the state.

Gene Vickery
Myrtle Point, Ore.

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