Aloft Technologies introduces new lightweight headset

Aloft Technologies has introduced a technologically advanced, lightweight aviation headset, weighing only 1.5 ounces. The Clarity Aloft Headset provides patented self-molding ear tips to achieve superior sound clarity and comfort, while providing 35-45 decibels of passive noise reduction, according to Aloft Technologies officials.

“A distinct feature of the Clarity Aloft pilot headset is the patented self-molding foam ear tip that expands in the ear canal providing a snug and comfortable custom fit,” says Bill Waterman, president of Aloft Technologies. The Clarity Aloft Headset utilizes components derived from hearing aid technology and professional audio noise canceling microphones. This provides the best elimination of noise in the critical speech frequencies, without the bulk and uncomfortable clamping pressure of conventional aviation headsets.

For more information: 612-747-3197.

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