New vortex generators hit the market

Harrison Designs, LLC, debuts its affordable line of Landshorter vortex generators (VGs) for experimental and field-approved certified aircraft.

The precision molded fin-shaped pieces added to an aircraft’s wing or tail are guaranteed by Harrison Designs, LLC to be the most affordable way to increase performance and safety. According to company officials, most customers see stall speed reductions of 4-12 mph and decreased takeoff and landing distances of 10%-30% with no noticeable loss in cruise speed.

Vortex generators are small fin-shaped pieces that are temporarily taped or permanently glued to the upper front portion of an aircraft wing just behind the leading edge, usually around the 10% chord point. They spin the air, allowing it to stay better attached at higher angles of attack. By increasing the wing’s angle of attack before the air separates, the aircraft’s stall speed is reduced and the pilot is able to take off quicker, climb to altitude faster, and land shorter.

The kits, which come with easy-to-follow instructions and templates, are priced at $95.

For more information: 877-272-1414.

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