Quest Aircraft debuts Kodiak

With a name like “Kodiak,” it is only fitting that Quest Aircraft Co. chose the Alaska State Aviation Trade Show and Conference in Anchorage for the first public display of its latest airplane design.

The high-wing, single engine turboprop attracted many an admiring stare in the hangar during the three-day event. The 10-place, IFR-equipped airplane is designed for versatility in the back country, according Quest President and CEO Paul Schaller, who noted that when the company began taking deposits for the aircraft, it received seven orders within two weeks.

“These orders represent three of the five primary market segments that Quest feels have appropriate applications for the Kodiak,” said Schaller, noting that several orders were for personal use, including one customer who will take delivery of his aircraft with floats. Other orders were from operators who will use the Kodiak for Part 135 charter and scheduled flight operations.

“Rounding out our initial orders are customers in the humanitarian/mission markets, where rugged reliability and a high useful load are especially critical,” he continued.

He anticipates the Kodiak also will attract interest from the United States government, as well as other agencies looking for a sturdy utilitarian machine.

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