Win-Win situation

The Spokane Chapter of the Washington Pilot’s Association is making a difference. We started a move last fall through the Washington State Adopt an Airport program to improve a little known airstrip on the beautiful Snake River.

The airstrip is “00W,” Lower Granite State Airport near Boyer Park Campground and Marina in southeast Washington State.

Contact was made with a presentation to the Port of Whitman, the controlling agency for the Boyer Park recreational facility. The presentation included proposals to improve the gravel/rock strip into a hard surface runway to prevent flying rock damage and to keep the airport open year around. Working with the Washington State Department of Transportation, we were able to keep the airstrip open through the winter months by monitoring runway conditions.

The recreational facility stands to see increased revenue through aircraft camping and day use operations at the park. Owners are hesitant to fly in to the airstrip because of the condition of the strip and the possibility of rock damage to their aircraft. The port is willing to invest a modest amount of funds to improve the runway surface. Their requests are that the aviation community communicate to them through letters of support the anticipated use of the strip. We have also been tasked to raise some funds to help with the cost. The cost is estimated to be around $40,000 to resurface the runway. We have, to date, donations and pledges totaling $3,000, which is still short of our 10% goal.

We need your help. We have letters of support, but we need more. We are a little short of our donation goal. All pledges or funds received are held in an escrow account to be returned if for some reason the project does not go forward. If you are interested in this project you can send letters of support and/or donations to: WPA-Spokane Chapter, Lower Granite State Airport Project, 3517 S. Fox St., Spokane Valley Wash., 99206.

The aviation community and the Port of Whitman both stand to gain. The port would have increased revenues by our usage and we would have a terrific recreational destination.

Tom Morris
WPA-Spokane Chapter
Lower Granite State Airport Committee

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