DARcorporation releases latest version of Advanced Aircraft Analysis

DARcorporation has released Advanced Aircraft Analysis (AAA) Version 3.0.

New features and submodules are designed to heighten the program’s efficiency and precision, including a recalculate feature that allows the user to recalculate data in many modules from one central screen. This cuts the time to analyze changes by 99% compared to previous versions of the software, significantly reducing design cost. All calculated data can be exported to a spreadsheet for selected flight conditions. Trim diagrams are automatically plotted and saved in separate files for ease of comparison.

Other new features include: Center of gravity calculations for major components; power and ground effects can be switched on and off per flight condition; effects of drooped ailerons (flaperons) are accounted for in all aerodynamic and stability and control calculations; propeller power effects are accounted for in trim; and flap and aileron geometry can be plotted in the geometry module

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