Total healthcare program created for bizjet engines

CEDAR KNOLLS, N.J. — The Total Healthcare Program for Honeywell TFE731 powerplants, recently launched by Jet-Care and its sister company Spectro, is being extended to cover the most popular engines from Pratt & Whitney Canada and Williams International.

“Business jet operators have been asking for a comprehensive engine condition monitoring service for a long time now,” said David Glass, CEO. “It doesn’t make sense for an operator to have to go to one company for its oil analysis and another company for its gas path analysis service, if there is a single source solution available.”

Engines now covered include Pratt & Whitney’s PW100 series, the PW300, PW500 and the JT15D, as well as Williams International’s FJ44 turbofan.

The program features an in-depth engine examination, including a comprehensive analysis of gas path, oil and filter. It also provides an initial two SOAP kits per airframe included with the annual program cost. Each SOAP contains a new filter element, O ring (if required), oil sample kit, filter bottle, return packaging and analysis of filter and oil.

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