Aircraft Spruce & Specialty becomes official sponsor of Phantom Racer

Aircraft Spruce & Specialty, which was a part of the Phantom Air Racer from the beginning as a source of parts and materials, has become an official on-going sponsor of the new and radical biplane.

Tom Abele, who was part of the original design team, flew the aircraft in the 2003 Reno Air Races after a seven-month construction period, winning first in his heat race. Propeller problems forced a withdrawal. He came back in 2004, with a new prop and easily won his category with a 20 mph edge over the next fastest competitor.

Powered by a hybrid Lycoming 360 cubic inch engine, the Phantom develops over 250 hp at 3,300 rpm. At 3,000 rpm, the engine develops 450 foot pounds of torque for the unusual three blade propeller. In level cruise, at 3,000 feet msl, the Phantom indicates 265 mph. It stalls just below 80 mph and has an empty weight of 738 lbs., 250 of which is engine. The cockpit and engine compartment feature 4130 steel tube, while the wings and aft fuselage are made of composite materials. The wings were designed to carry loads up to 18Gs.

The Phantom will be back for the 2005 Reno Air Races and is anticipating attempts for a number of world speed records.

For more information: 877-4-SPRUCE.

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