Analyze this: New balancer unit creates better maintenance solutions

The New ACES Model 2020HR Turbo ProBalancer Analyzer and the 2015 ProBalancer offer a choice of user-friendly features.

The 2015 ProBalancer combines the economy of an entry-level balancer with spectrum analysis capabilities not typically available in an entry-level instrument. The New 2020HR Turbo ProBalancer Analyzer, with its two-channel simultaneous inputs makes performing twin engine propeller balancing a snap, say officials at ACES Systems. It also acquires both vertical and lateral helicopter main rotor vibration measurements simultaneously, which saves time and fuel. Users also can extend the basic capabilities of both analyzers by saving “setup information” for common procedures — no need to re-key.

ACES Systems’ instruments are hallmarked by ease of use (most utilize fill-in-the-blank screens), versatility (one instrument can be used on many airframe/engine types), and cost effectiveness. The instruments offer diagnostics for many general aviation applications including rotor, propeller, and fan balancing, as well as engine vibration surveys.

For more information: 865-671-2003.

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