ECi awarded STC for re-engineered cylinder

ECi has been awarded an STC by the FAA for improvements in the Titan replacement cylinders C75, C85, C90, C125, C145, 0-200, 0-300 and GO-300 series engines.

“These improvements incorporate dramatically different changes from the original Type Certificate, therefore, a Supplemental Type Certificate had to be chosen as the approval mechanism instead of a Parts Manufacturer Approval,” explained Ed Salmeron, president.

The STC allows the installation of a high-chrome Ni-resist exhaust guide and a chrome-plated exhaust valve stem that minimizes wear of the valve stem and exhaust guide.

To reduce the buildup of carbon and varnish, a common problem caused by operational factors of these engines, ECi adds a Roto-Coil to the exhaust valve to allow for positive rotation of the valve each time it is opened, which then presents fresh mating surfaces to the valve stem and guide. The Roto-Coil is installed with three matching springs (inner, intermediate and outer) that provide the correct pressure to allow the rotator mechanism to rotate the valve during engine operation.

The STC also allows for the installation of a rocker shaft, which has Teflon buttons at each end. This prevents the rocker shaft ends from wearing into and possibly through the rocker cover, leading to oil loss and possible oil starvation.

For more information: 800-324-2359.

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