Miller Electric and Weldcraft to exhibit welding innovations at Oshkosh

If you are looking for new welding solutions, visit the Miller Road Show at EAA AirVenture, July 25-31. The Miller Road Show semi trailer carries Miller Electric Manufacturing Co.’s and Weldcraft’s most popular welding and cutting products to give live demos around the country.

Of special interest to the sport aviation industry are:

– The Millermatic Passport, an all-in-one MIG welder featuring a self-contained shielding gas cylinder;

– The Dynasty 200, a 45-lb. AC/DC TIG/Stick inverter featuring advanced squarewave technology that allows operators to tailor the weld bead profile to match the application, improving productivity and quality;

– The Maxstar 150, a 14-lb. DC TIG/Stick inverter for making code quality welds on steel, stainless steel, chrome-moly and other ferrous materials; and,

– The Spectrum 375 CutMate plasma cutter, which can cut any metal that conducts electricity and can improve cutting speed and quality compared to mechanical or flame cutting.

Weldcraft, a leading manufacturer of TIG torches, also will exhibit its SF 225 Modular Flex Kit, WP17 and WP20 Series TIG torches and the Single Piece Collet/Collet Body as part of the Miller Road Show. The WP17 TIG torch performs well on thin to medium gauge materials and the WP20 lightweight torch improves operator comfort. Weldcraft’s single piece collet/collet body provides quick and easy tungsten changeovers.

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