Precise Flight expands its product line — HID style

Precise Flight, Inc. has expanded its product line to include the sale of High Intensity Discharge (HID) Aviation Lighting.

“Precise Flight is committed to the development of a family of products marketed as essentials for safer skies,” said Scott Philiben, vice president. “We are excited to provide our customers a product that greatly improves their visibility, while remaining steps ahead of the industry in early recognition lighting.”

HID Lighting provides the brightest illumination available. A 35-watt HID lamp produces up to six times the lumens of a standard landing light bulb, making the light as bright as a 200-watt lamp. HID Lighting also produces a light that is closer to that of natural sunlight, allowing for improved peripheral vision and greatly enhanced visibility. In most bad weather situations, the combination of the more natural and whiter color with a greater light output allows for a safer and more illuminated landing and taxi.

HID lighting systems have a greater product life and use less energy than standard landing light bulbs, and are designed to last the life of your aircraft.

Precise Flight’s HID Lighting is FAA-PMA approved for numerous general aviation aircraft.

The first place the lights will be sold is at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh July 25-31. Introductory show price is $500. For more information: 800-547-2558.

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