The race for space, Part 2

The race for space has trickled down to — of all things — a trailer park in the Mojave Desert.

Kayo’s Trailer Park, right next to Mojave Airport — the scene of SpaceShipOne’s successful flights into space — has a new name: Spaceport RV Park. Originally built in the 1940s to tap into the new craze of traveling cross country in travel trailers, the RV park is under new ownership, a family that appreciates the history that’s being made in its neighborhood. “We are lucky that this property is right next to the flight line,” says Mike Parker, an Air Force veteran who just bought the RV park with his wife Barbara. “It’s almost a daily air show around here with test flights, vintage aircraft, and fly bys from aircraft coming from Edwards Air Force Base.”

For more information: 661-824-2811.

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