It is worth it to recover a P-38?

Your article concerning the exploration of the remains of the B-29 on the bottom of the lake (Interest grows in B-29 at bottom of Lake Mead, June 17 issue) was of particular interest to me since back in the summer of 1945 I was involved in RTU gunnery training in P-38s out of Santa Rosa, Calif. Two of our classmates, Lt. Mudd and Lt. Peltier, were in a holding pattern over Lake Tahoe when they collided and fell into the lake. At that time it was decided that, due to the depth of the lake, no attempt would be made to try to recover them or the wreckage.

What with the current technology and quality of today’s diving equipment, I was wondering if the effort would be worth expending to attempt to locate the wreckage. As far as ownership is concerned, that seems to have been somewhat settled since “Glacier Girl” is up and flying. It looks as if it would be an interesting challenge to someone.

All of the airport bums here at Highland County Airport in Hillsboro, Ohio, really enjoy reading GANews from cover to cover. Keep up the good work.

Darrell R. Larkin
Hillsboro, Ohio

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