My airplane

I was reading the latest GAN in bed last night and flipped to page 59 because of the A-26 picture on the Table of Contents page. I always loved the A-26, but that wasn’t what tickled me on page 59 (North to Alaska, June 3 issue).

“My airplane!” We had protective custody of Do-27 (partially updated to -Q4 variant as I recall, have that at home) N321PB for almost two years and kept it hidden away in our hangar on 51WA.

It’s an interesting story of how it came into our hands. It was sold by the Narcs (at auction at the WSDOT-AD office on BFI, another interesting story) to Walt Wigger of Fairbanks. We stored it for Walt and eventually delivered it to him, after installing a 33 gallon auxiliary fuel tank under the rear-facing back seat. Walt bought it for his wife. He later sold it to Alaska Turbine STOL. I was disappointed to see it didn’t have a turboprop on it in your photo.

If you have other pictures of the ol’ girl, I’d love to see them.

Keep up the good work at GAN.

Tom Jensen
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