New amphibious floats for Cessna 185s unveiled

Certification for the PK 3050A amphibious floats for the Cessna 185 was received by PK Floats earlier this spring.

The new float is the lightest in its class, tipping the scales at 579 lbs. installed. New features include: stainless steel hydraulic cylinders, stainless steel main landing gear swing arm and composite nose gear and water rudders.

Both floats have standard storage compartments of 100 lbs each.

The company also is working on getting STCs for the new floats for the Cessna 180, Cessna 182 and Maule. The installed weight on the Cessna 182 will be 570 lbs. and the Maule will weigh in at 568 lbs.

For more information: 207-794-0180.

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