New diagnostic tool for Honeywell TFE731 engines now available from Jet-Care International

Jet-Care International now offers one of the most powerful diagnostic tools for engine condition monitoring of Honeywell TFE731 engines.

“It was apparent from a recent survey that it was of great interest for operators to have the Digital Electronic Engine Control (DEEC) download read in its entirety, and Jet-Care has succeeded in identifying all the fault codes that are registered within the DEECs,” said Jet-Care CEO David Glass. “On each download, operators will receive a report from Jet-Care detailing all fault codes extracted from the DEEC. They will also receive an emergency call for those that are of critical importance.”

Access to such data was one of the top requests of aviation industry executives, maintenance managers and pilots responding to this survey. Jet-Care was able to use data from more than 130,000 previous DEEC downloads to develop this enhanced service. The information helps operators avoid unexpected difficulties and expense and also provides a full history of performance in both buying and selling situations.

Price is $1,000 per airframe. Three engine aircraft will be charged $1,300, while four engine aircraft will be charged $1600.

For more information: 973-292-9597.

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