becomes North American distributor for Ikarus C42 has inked an agreement to market the German-made Ikarus C42 in North America through its Sport Aircraft Regional Centers. The C42 complies with the new Light Sport Aircraft criteria and can be flown by sport pilots and used for sport pilot training. It will be introduced at EAA AirVenture 2005.

Already a popular design in Europe among flying clubs and training schools, the C42 is a two-place, side by side, tricycle aircraft with a high wing.

Available with 80 or 100 hp powerplants by Rotax, the C42 will cruise at 105 or 111 mph. Stall speed with either engine is only 39 mph. With the larger engine, the rate of climb at gross is 1,228 fpm and the aircraft has a range of 510 miles.

For more information: 801-420-6176 or .

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