Love is in the air

For Mike Nass and Wendy Forseen, finding the perfect place for their June 18 wedding involved some flight planning.

The couple got married aboard a historic DC-3 owned by Prairie Aviation Museum in Bloomington, Ill. The ceremony took place in the air as the DC-3 flew over the couple’s hometown of Clinton, Iowa.

“It was his idea,” said the bride, pointing to her new husband. “I really didn’t think he’d find the right plane, but he searched on the Internet and found this DC-3. It’s his favorite kind of plane.”

Nass grew up around planes. His dad was a pilot in Germany and Nass spent five years in the Air Force. He’s now a pilot and manager of Clinton Municipal Airport (CWI).

On a test flight before the big day, Forseen noted the ride was “bumpier than I expected.” But she concedes it was a “neat idea” to get married aboard the nation’s first DC-3 to be placed on the U.S. Department of the Interior’s National Register of Historic Places.

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