Glass cockpit systems introduced

Peschges Variometer GmbH has introduced two new glass cockpit systems: VP-EFIS and VP-EMS. Both are based on a 10-inch transflective TFT display, which provides best readability in bright sunshine, beneath dark clouds or at night. A weight of less than 2 lbs. each and a low power consumption of about 0.7 Amperes each makes it possible to upgrade general aviation, as well as ultralights, easily.

The VP-EMS is an engine monitoring system featuring alarm facilities, checklists, a weight and balance calculator and a lean assistant. The screen contains four round scale instruments for rpm, manifold pressure, oil pressure and temperature, as well as bar graphs for EGT, CHT, fuel and the electric system.

For more Information: +49 (241)180 59 400.

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