King Practical Risk Management courses expand

Statistics from insurance company Avemco show the King Practical Risk Management courses reduce the losses of Avemco’s insured pilots, says Jim Lauerman, Avemco’s chief underwriting officer and executive vice president.

“After two full years of monitoring the results, the numbers have become statistically significant,” he said. “This is a real win-win situation. Our customers are receiving premium credits and enjoying a safer flying environment. Of particular interest is that the people taking the courses are having significantly fewer serious losses than those who have not taken the course, which leads me to believe that there are pilots and their families walking around today who wouldn’t be here if weren’t for this program.”

The Practical Risk Management Series is expanding with the introduction of the new Practical Risk Management For Takeoffs and Landings.

“About 25% of all claim dollars are paid for losses during these critical phases of flight,” Lauerman said. “We’re hopeful that this new course will go a long way to improving this unacceptable number.”

Practical Risk Management For Takeoffs and Landings has three CD-ROMs and features computer-based interactive video. Course completion qualifies pilots both for the FAA WINGS program and the Avemco Safety Rewards program.

Cost: $49.

For more information: 800-854-1001.

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