New laser probe cuts scanning time

Laser Design has introduced what company executives say is the industry’s fastest laser scanning probe on an articulated arm, providing a 33% to 50% reduction in scanning time on any complex part.

The new SLP-330 Scanning Laser Probe is designed for use with the Romer CimCore Infinite, 3000i, and Stinger II Portable CMM Articulating Arms, providing the ability to scan parts with dimensions as long as 12 feet without moving the base of the arm or of any size if the arm is moved. Another advantage is that dual detectors view the laser line from two different angles, reducing the number of scanning passes required to capture steep sidewalls and deep geometries.

“Our new SLP-330 laser probe can improve productivity of most any inspection or reverse engineering application by providing the fastest scanning solution on most available Portable CMM-Articulated Arms,” said C. Martin Schuster, president. “At $32,000, we also offer the industry’s lowest cost probe and arm package that includes Romer CimCore arm.”

Laser scanning systems work by projecting a line of laser light onto surfaces while integrated cameras continuously triangulate the changing distance and profile of the laser line as it sweeps along, enabling the object to be accurately digitized. Laser scanners are able to quickly measure large parts while generating far greater numbers of data points than mechanical touch probes without the need for templates or fixtures. Laser scanning can reverse engineer parts that would be practically impossible to reverse engineer one point at a time.

For more information: 952-884-9648.

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