Superflite donates award winning aircraft to EAA museum

In October of 2004, General Aviation News brought you the story of a Spartan that had been restored as a way to showcase the products of Superflite Aircraft Covering and Finishing Systems in Chicago.

The rare 1930 Spartan C3-225 (only 12 of that model were built) won the Silver Age Champion Award at AirVenture 2004.

Last month the aircraft returned to Oshkosh and was turned over for permanent exhibition at the EAA Museum, specifically Pioneer Airport, which is built around the golden age of aviation.

“We wanted a place where many people could enjoy the airplane,” explained Roy Scott, sales and marketing manager for Superflite. “We learned that the museum gets donation offers of 20 or so airplanes a year and they only take two or three of them. We are very honored that they accepted ours. It will fit in nicely with the theme of Pioneer Airport, which caters to vintage aviation.”

Pioneer Airport is a small airport with a grass runway located behind the museum. Most of the airplanes kept there are used to give rides.

Superflite bought the Spartan C3 at an auction in 2002 for $50,000. The aircraft had been stored in a Nebraska barn for 49 years. Time, not to mention 50 barn cats, had taken its toll on the airframe. It had to be stripped to bare metal and rebuilt from the frame up. The restoration took about a year and the Spartan returned to the skies — and it will do so again, on a regular basis, said Scott. “We have requested that the airplane be kept in airworthy condition and be used to give rides.”

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For the full story on the Spartan’s restoration, see the Oct. 15, 2004, issue of General Aviation News or go online to

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