Lake Aero Styling & Repair celebrates 30 years

On July 16, Lake Aero Styling & Repair, aka “LASAR,” hosted close to 150 guests for a barbecue to celebrate the company’s 30th anniversary at Lampson Field in Lakeport, Calif.

LASAR is a Mooney Service Center, specializing in mods for older Mooneys, as well as maintenance and repair.

The company is owned by Paul and Shery Loewen. Paul Loewen began his Mooney career in 1966 as a mechanic at a Mooney Service Center in Burbank, Calif. (He’s actually celebrating close to 40 years as a Mooney specialist, with more than 10,000 hours as a Mooney pilot.) Soon after he opened his own Mooney shop at Whiteman Airport, and in 1973 he and his family moved to Lakeport. LASAR opened its doors in 1975 and became a Mooney Service Center within a few years.

For more information: 707-263-0412.

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