“Insuring” student pilots’ conduct

Avemco, the only direct writer of general aviation insurance in the U.S., is sponsoring production of “The Student Pilots” Model Code of Conduct,” intended to improve pilot safety, flying excellence, and the general aviation community. Avemco is mailing the publication to every new student pilot, said Jim Lauerman, executive vice president and chief underwriter.

“Avemco is committed to promoting safe flying for everyone, and student pilots are the gateway to the future,” he said. “It is important that students build good habits and attitudes early in their experience, and our intent is to introduce them to the culture, safety, security, and responsibility that aviators practice, even as those students are learning the basic stick-and-rudder skills.”

The code is fashioned after the more-comprehensive “Aviators” Model Code of Conduct.”

If one provision in the Student Code sums up its spirit, it is: Pursue a rigorous, life-long course of aviation study.

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