S-TEC makes flying easier for Cheyenne II pilots

S-TEC has received FAA approval to install the MAGIC electronic flight instrument system (EFIS), electronic instrument display system (EIDS) and the MAGIC 2100 digital flight control system (DFCS) in the Cheyenne II. This allows Cheyenne II operators an opportunity to replace aging flight control systems and upgrade their panels to modern glass cockpits.

The EFIS and EIDS provide a functional, digital, electronic instrument panel contained in a set of 4.5-inch by 5.6-inch flat-panels. The MAGIC 2100 DFCS is a three axis, fully digital, attitude-based Flight Control System that brings jet functionality to the twin turboprop market. The LCD display has an Integrated Altitude Pre-Selector and Indicated Air Speed Hold for excellent flight control in all conditions, enhancing situational awareness.

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