Updated fuel prices available

Want to know where to find fuel and fuel prices to suit your itinerary and wallet?

Control Vision, creators of the AnywhereMap, AnywhereWx, Pocket Plates and Anywhere EFB portable navigation systems, has the answer at 100LL.com.

100LL.com updates fuel, FBO and airport information on a continuous basis. You can use it to search for fuel prices and information on a particular airport or, if you want to compare, a list of nearby fuel prices is provided. Most of the airports have printable airport diagrams. The latest METAR data is there, along with information about nearby accommodations that links directly to hotel reservations centers.

AnywhereMap customers can upload 100LL data into AnywhereMap and use it while en route.

With fuel prices changing so rapidly that 20 miles, one way or the other, could save $50 on a top-off, that en route capability can earn its keep. Use of the 100LL.COM website is free.

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