Largest tethered helium balloon in the world lands at Disneyland

The largest tethered helium balloon in the world is, where else?, at Disneyland Resort in Paris.

The balloon, called PanoraMagique, is made with 16,000 square feet of fabric. It is 75 feet in diameter, 118 feet tall, and has a circumference of 240 feet. It was launched earlier this year to commemorate the opening of the Jules Verne centenary year.

PanoraMagique gives visitors the chance to ascend the skies above Disneyland Paris for a six-minute trip, day or night, offering an unparalleled view of the surrounding countryside from a height of about 350 feet.

PanoraMagique was designed by Aérophile, a leader in tethered balloons. It will be at the theme park for the next seven years.

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