First flight of Adam A700 s/n 002

Adam Aircraft’s first A700 AdamJet designated for use in FAA certification flight testing made its maiden voyage Feb. 6.

The jet, which carries serial number 002, is the first of three A700s that will be used for certification testing. The flight took place at Centennial Airport (KAPA) in Englewood, Colo. The aircraft, piloted by Bill Watters, vice president of flight operations, and Ken Sasine, senior turbine test pilot, stayed aloft for approximately 34 minutes in the airport traffic pattern.

“The aircraft handled very well, stability was excellent, and the flight controls were very responsive and predictable,” said Sasine. “The airplane handled just as we expected.”

Adam CEO Rick Adam noted the smooth flight, coupled with the “65% commonality” to the already certified inline-piston A500 should “significantly reduce the A700 time to certification.”

The A700’s powerplant, the Williams FJ-33 engine, already is certified by the FAA.

With the launch of No. 002, the mission of A700 No. 001 will change, company officials said. The first A700 now will be used for marketing. It is slated to make appearances at aviation events around the country. A700 No. 001 has been flown more than 400 hours. Information gleaned from its flights is being used to establish a baseline for the FAA certification flights.

Company officials anticipate certification of the A700 by the end of the year, with customer deliveries to follow soon after.

“We have had a lot of orders from air taxi companies as well as private owners,” said Regional Sales Manager Simon I. Maina during a Seattle press conference Feb. 6. “The air taxi companies are attracted to the A700 because the aircraft is designed for heavy use and quick maintenance.”

Order book stands at more than 250 for the A700.

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