Want to put your C172 on floats

Love your Cessna 172, but wish it could be on floats?

It can. Old or new, all models of the Cessna 172 can now be floated on Wipline floats.

Wipaire, Inc., of South Saint Paul, Minn., has received Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) for the addition of straight or amphibious floats for all Cessna 172 aircraft ever built (except the military and Franklin engine models). In addition, the STCs allow owners to use any 180 hp conversion and specify numerous options for propellers. The STCs are applicable to 172 aircraft with 150, 160, and 210 hp engines as well.

“This allows 172 owners more options when looking to add floats,” says Bob “Wip” Wiplinger, Wipaire’s owner. “Before, the Wipline floats were merely certified on a handful of Skyhawk models. Now virtually any and all, including the 175, can take the Wips. It’s been a long time coming for these patient customers who prefer to keep their favorite Skyhawk versus having to trade up to something new.”

Wipaire used two models of floats to attain all the certifications. Wipline 2100 floats are now available for many Cessna 172 models, F172 models and the 175, with varying engine and propeller combinations and gross weights starting at 2,220 lbs. and ranging up to 2,400 lbs.

The larger Wipline 2350 floats, with a buoyancy of 2,570 lbs., accommodate the remaining 172 models, P172Ds, F172 models, and the 175 series, again with model-specific propeller and engine combinations, providing gross weights from 2,450 lbs. up to 2,550 lbs.

For more information: 651-451-1205.

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