Hurricane won’t keep ’em down

Warbird Adventures, of Kissimmee, Fla., is thriving again.

Although currently operating out of tent-like temporary shelters, a new, 10,000-square-foot hangar soon will replace the one destroyed by last year’s hurricanes.

Warbird Adventures offers hands-on flights and sightseeing rides in North American AT-6 and SNJ advanced trainers and in Bell 47 helicopters, familiar to M*A*S*H watchers.

Those choosing the AT-6/SNJ sit in the front cockpit. An instructor in the aft cockpit will teach those who are interested how to fly the airplane in which more than 70% of World War II pilots received fighter training, or will do the flying for a smooth sightseeing tour or an aerobatic adventure – your choice.

One also can take the controls of a classic Bell 47 to experience something out of the ordinary. As with the AT-6, this can be a flight instruction, teaching how to control and hover, or a sight-seeing flight for one or two over the Orlando area.

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