Certification flight testing begins on Seawind 300C

Seawind, Inc. has rolled out its Seawind 300C amphibian for certification flight testing.

Flight testing has begun at the company’s production facility in St. Jean, Quebec, Canada. The company expects the testing to be completed this fall.

Initial VFR testing of land and water operations, which includes flutter and spin testing, will make up about 75% of the total test requirements. This testing will provide performance specifications for the aircraft, including rate of climb, speeds, takeoff and landing distances, and more. IFR and three-axis autopilot testing, along with Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC), will constitute the remaining 25%. Concurrent certification with Transport Canada and FAA is expected to take about six months.

With the first conforming test article 001 in flight testing, assembly has begun on 002, and parts manufacturing is underway for 003.

“As soon as the second prototype is finished, we expect to have completed the flutter and spin regime,” said Seawind’s President Richard Silva. “At that point we will be confident that no significant changes will be required, and we can safely ramp up production.”

The company has deposits from 80 customers for the amphibians.

The project is more than a year behind schedule, mainly due to securing adequate funding to complete the certification, according to Silva. “It’s our goal to provide the best seaplane in the world, and we won’t settle for less, even if it takes us longer,” he said.

Costs of producing the Seawind 300C have risen, forcing an increase in price, company officials note. A price increase for the VFR Seawind 300C to $324,900 was announced last month. The main cause of the increase was the drop in value of the U.S. dollar against the Canadian dollar, officials noted.

The Seawind 300C will seat four adults or two adults and three children. A full slate of options, including a glass cockpit, inboard/outboard motor, and interior enhancements, are available.

For more information: 610-917-1120

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