Diamond Aircraft’s new D-Jet makes debut at Oshkosh

Diamond Aircraft’s new D-Jet made its public debut July 26 at AirVenture.

The jet made its dramatic entrance to AeroShell Square after performing several fly-bys for the crowd.

“Is this an elegant plane or what?” asked Marion Blakey, FAA adminstrator.

The jet, which has been flying for about 30 hours, is powered by a single Williams FJ33 engine. It is designed for the owner-pilot, but also has attracted quite a bit of attention from air taxi operators. In fact, Point2Point Airways, an air taxi operation in North Dakota, which will take delivery of 10 DA42 Twin Stars starting this month, also has options on the D-Jet.

The D-Jet, which can carry one pilot and four passengers, promises a cruise speed of 362 mph and a range of 1,550 statute miles at an altitude of up to 25,000 feet.

The jet is expected to be certified by the middle of 2008.

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