Pre Fun!

After finally deciding on where to build the Fury, the folks at LoPresti Speed Mods have a lot to celebrate — and they can in this prototype, which says it all.

The Fury, designed by the late Roy LoPresti, whose motto was “Life is short. Fly fast,” is a high-performance airplane that can carry two people and about 200 pounds of gear for 1,000 miles at 215 mph. The plane, which will sell for $295,000, will be built at Alexander Airport near Belen, N.M., which is right outside Albuquerque.

The Fury, called the “perfect airplane” by its designer, “flies even better than it looks,” says Curt LoPresti, Roy’s son. “It’s a fingertip airplane. It’s pretty sweet.”

Look for the Fury in the skies above you in about a year.

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