Put a plane on your plate

Montana pilots can support general aviation — and a local chapter of the Experimental Aircraft Association — by choosing a new vanity plate the next time they renew their car tags.

EAA Chapter 517 in Missoula is working with the state to offer the aviation-inspired license plate. Chapter President Steve Rossiter credits newsletter editor Frank Trempe with discovering that Montana has a large number of sponsored license plates available. The sponsoring organizations receive $20 from every plate issued or renewed. Since there are between 5,000 and 6,000 licensed pilots in Montana, this was a golden opportunity for the chapter to raise funds, as well as awareness of GA.

To cover the state’s start-up costs, the chapter wrote a check for $4,000. That money was generated by the sale of a donated Kitfox.

The license plate features a Piper J-3 Cub flying in front of billowing white clouds. Along the bottom are the words, “Fly Big Sky Country.”

For more information: EAA517.org, DMV.org/mt-Montana/department-motor-vehicles.php

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