I really like the format of the latest General Aviation News and hope that it will continue.

1. The pink pages are no longer all pink. The black print on the pink pages was difficult to read. The black on white is a big improvement.

2. The pink pages are located at the back of the publication. I like it that way.

3. Every page now has its page number printed on the upper outside corner of the page. This is a big improvement.

Thank you very much for these changes. They are truly a worthwhile product improvement.

I do have one question. Is it possible to reprint one of the old Pete Bowers pages on the last page of every future issue? In years past, I always read Pete’s column first and I really do miss them.


Lompoc, Calif.
Editor’s Note: Thank you for the kind note about our changes. We, too, are excited about them. As for Peter M. Bowers’ column, unfortunately, we cannot continue to reprint the column (see story on next page), but, like you, also miss him and his column greatly.

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