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“Although the future of general aviation looks bright, we have not allowed this optimism to make us complacent.”

— Pete Bunce, president, GAMA.

“There must continue to be robust funding for general aviation, something Congress has repeatedly recognized even when an administration has attempted to slash GA funding.”

— Phil Boyer, president, AOPA.

“Without question, the most formidable challenge that will confront the general aviation community in 2007 will come from the commercial airlines. The carriers are pushing user fee schemes in hopes of shifting billions of their taxes onto general aviation aircraft operators and seizing control of the aviation system. ”

— Ed Bolen, president, NBAA.

“There are two kinds of airplanes – those you fly and those that fly you. You must have a distinct understanding at the very start as to who is the boss.”

— Ernest K. Gann.

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