Another alternative for long-term storage: Try aerosol corrosion inhibitors

There is another alternative for long-term engine storage.

There is another alternative for long-term engine storage.

That’s the word from Rhamy Nipper of Graham Aircraft Engines, LLC, who wrote after reading my Nov. 17, 2006, column “”What oil is best for winter?””

“”MotorStor VCI is an aerosol corrosion inhibitor that you can spray directly into the cylinders and crankcase,”” he said.

This product and another called Nox Rust VCI-105 are approved by Teledyne Continental Motors in its Service Information Letter SIL99-2B titled “”Current Listing of Sealant, Lubricants & Adhesives Authorized by TCM.”” The application listed for the product is “”for temporary and indefinite storage.”” The products also meet the Mil-P-46002 military specification.

These products, which come in small aerosol cans, can be sprayed into the cylinders and crankcase prior to storage. Then when the engine is to be used, you just start it up and go flying.

The technology for these products came from World War II when vapor phase inhibitors were developed for shipping aircraft engines from the U.S. to Europe and the Pacific. They work well with no recorded negative side effects. However, it is important that the engine be sealed prior to application. If the engine is not sealed, normal air circulation through the crankcase and cylinders with open valves will reduce the effectiveness. If you use one of these products, make sure to plug up the exhaust, intake and crankcase breather prior to storage.

These products are approved by TCM and the military, but not by Lycoming. Therefore, if you decide to use one of the products in a Lycoming engine, please check with your local Lycoming representative.

Another concern is that while the products work well in cylinders and parts of the crankcase, they are heavier than air so tend to settle to the lowest points. This brings us back to the Lycoming engine in which the cam is located at the highest point. To properly protect the cam, which is a major concern in a Lycoming engine, it is critical to ensure that the crankcase is completely filled with the vapor and then properly sealed.

You can obtain MotorStor from Highland Aerospace in Peachtree, Ga. (404-403-5602, Nox Rust VCI-105 is available from Daubert Chemical in Chicago (708-563-8325,

Ben Visser is an aviation fuels and lubricants expert who spent 33 years with Shell Oil. He has been a private pilot since 1985. You can contact him at

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