Charts in the palm of your hand

Pilots looking for a better way to manage volumes of IFR charts or those just wanting a backup set with them at all times will benefit from PalmPlates from Production Software.

PalmPlates is the first approach plate program designed to run on a Palm OS device as well as Pocket PC, Windows Smartphone, Symbian and Windows PC (or Tablet PC) devices. By using advanced compression technology, all 12,500 Terminal Procedure Publications can be compressed to fit on a single card. Each region is contained in a single database file. Each chart can be viewed as a small image or zoomed in with a single click. To make sure you are using current charts there is an expiration date printed at the bottom of each page.

PalmPlates yearly subscriptions can be purchased in two different ways. The first is to download the database updates every 28 days directly from the Production Software web site. The other option is to use the Card Exchange Program. You will receive a current card with all 12,500 plates every 28 days. Once you receive an updated card in the mail you simply mail back your previous card (with the included postage paid envelope) so it can be updated with the next cycle.

There is also a PalmPlates and eFAD (Electronic Facilities & Airport Directory) bundle consisting of complete A/FD information (found in eFAD) plus the PalmPlates charts database. A one-year download subscription costs $129, while it is $179 per year for the card exchange program.

For more information: 800-818-1168

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