This is the first column feedback for any publication I have ever sent but I just had to. I believe Clint Adkins hit the nail on the head (Where are the expert answers? Ask Paul, Dec. 1, 2006). From the first copy of GANews I ever received I wondered what law school did this guy Paul McBride graduate from? Maybe no answers equals no responsibility?

I am new to aviation but not new to engines. I have been building motorcycle engines for over 30 years and believe me when you ask a question to the tech column of a motorcycle publication you get useful answers, their experience and some history. You might get told to look in a manual to see if it’s eight or 10 BTDC, but they assume you know how to read a manual and you are seeking fine points and the benefit of their experience.

It seems to be the norm in too many aviation publications — not just GANews as I am finding out — that the answer is “in order to make you a better pilot, CFI, mechanic (take your pick), I’m not really going to answer your question. Look it up.”

We readers/customers could already have done that. Where’s the added value?


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