Cirrus adds safety checklist: ‘Risk Assessment Tool’ includes self-assessment

Cirrus Design Corp. has upgraded the Avidyne Entegra Multi-Function Displays in its SR20 and SR22 aircraft to include a safety checklist.

Similar to electronic checklists found on airliners, the MFD displays three pages of information and queries for the pilot when the plane is started. Questions range from performance issues to a self-assessment for the pilot.

“As a Cirrus owner and pilot, I appreciate the friendly reminder to make sure that I am personally prepared to fly myself and my passengers safely to our destination,” said Alan Klapmeier, CEO. “It was natural to add a ‘Risk Assessment Tool’ as a function of the versatile Avidyne Entegra MFD.”

“Statistics show the majority of fatal accidents in aviation are related to a pilot making an unwise decision,” added David Coleal, president and COO. “We work diligently to equip our owners and pilots with relevant information and tools to safely enjoy the utility of their airplanes, within their own personal abilities.”

The MFD will display three pages of information in all.

The first page features the Cirrus “Envelope of Safety.” This graphic display simplifies myriad information critical to safe flight decisions, according to company officials. The weather and experience limitations are the same standards used by Cirrus for dispatching its flights, whether sales, corporate or personal through the Cirrus flying club. It is available as a free download from the Cirrus Pilot’s World website at

The pages include a graphic reminder for the pilot of cloud clearances for day and night VFR flight and a warning that flight into known icing conditions is prohibited. The same graphic also reminds the pilot of qualifications required to make the flight legally in the given weather conditions, as well as reminding the pilot of the limitations of the aircraft.

Another page asks the pilot if he or she has done all the flight planning necessary for the safety of the flight including checking the runway length and density altitude operations.

A third page has a checklist labeled “Fit For Flight” and asks if the pilot has performed the IMSAFE self-assessment. There is an additional checklist for a passenger briefing, which should include instructions on how to use the seatbelts, as well as how to deploy the ballistic parachute and exit the aircraft in an emergency.

According to company officials, pilots will have to go through all the pages prior to getting into the free play areas.

The new resource pages were developed collaboratively with the Cirrus Owners and Pilots Association. Cirrus owners can obtain this latest software upgrade by contacting their local Cirrus Authorized Service Center. 

The update also includes rate improvements for XM refresh and other enhancements.

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