FAQ: Fly-in folks have lots of questions

As usual, the front-line folks at the General Aviation News booth at Sun ‘n Fun spent a lot of time handing out copies of our publication. But Mary Lou and Dave Sclair, retired co-publishers, also spent a lot of time answering questions from fly-in attendees.

A lot of the questions were the standard “how can I find the forums?” or “where’s the nearest place to buy a beer?”

But as Mary Lou noted, many of the questions this year were just a little bit different than usual. Her favorites:

“Where’s the nearest working phone?”

“Is there a medical facility here where I can get some suntan lotion?”

“Where can I buy a pair of socks? I didn’t put any on and my feet hurt!”

“Where’s the nearest PortaPotty?” (Most people were appropriately embarrassed when she pointed to a line of the outdoor facilities just across the street.)

But perhaps the weirdest question was: “Where can I take a bath?” asked by a man with towel and soap in hand.

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