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“As I understand the English language, light is not necessarily a good adjective one could say about anything. Light beer is not real beer and a light cigarette is not a real cigarette. The impression could be that a light airplane may not be a real airplane.”

— Michael Meirer, co-CEO of Remos Aircraft

“We didn’t let the high profile nature of the accident obscure the facts.”

— National Transportation Safety Board Chairman Mark V. Rosenker on the investigation into the Cory Lidle accident

“This huge outpouring of grassroots support in just one week’s time sends a strong message to lawmakers that small businesses and communities around this country are united against this corporate welfare package.”

— Selena Shilad, spokeswoman, The Alliance for Aviation Across America.

“If you don’t like user fees, tell us what you like instead.”

— Doug Murphy, FAA’s Southern Region Administrator

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