The battle over FAA funding and its proposed user fees is now heating up on Capitol Hill. That’s why I’m asking all GA pilots to stay informed and ready to be heard in the halls of Congress.

And make no mistake, GA pilots are being heard in Washington loud and clear. So far we have asked members in key Congressional districts to contact their Senators and Representatives who hold strategic positions in this stage of the fight. They join the more than 23,000 pilots who have signed AOPA’s giant-sized petition opposing the funding proposals that would cripple GA.

Targeted contact will continue to be critical as the House and Senate advance their own alternatives to the FAA’s funding plan, which Michigan Congressman and GA supporter Vernon Ehlers declared “dead on arrival.” There will be benefits and challenges in each alternative, as well as any compromise proposals worked out between the two sides of the Capitol. But, rest assured, we won’t sacrifice some of GA to user fees to save other parts. And we’ll take nothing for granted until a proposal that treats all of aviation fairly is signed into law. Much work lies ahead.

There are three things you can do until we alert you to take specific action.

1. Stay current with the latest news with regular visits to the special FAA Funding section of the AOPA website (

2. Encourage GA pilots who are not current AOPA members to join now. And encourage your fellow members to renew their membership at this critical time.

3. Defend the home front: Be alert to articles in your local paper and respond as a local pilot. Let the news media in your community know how much GA means to you and your neighbors.

With your help, we will preserve the uniquely American freedom of GA flying.


AOPA President

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