The new baby

You know you’re hard core into aviation when you send pictures of your wife and the new engine for your homebuilt aircraft to your friends.

Marty Bryant of Covington, Wash., (left) hugs the LOM M462-RF that she and husband Neil intend to hang on the front of their Comp Air, which they are building as their bush plane and retirement vehicle.

“It is a Czech agricultural engine based on the Soviet designed AI 14-RF, which was later known as M14 to us,” Neil explains. “It is detuned to 315 horsepower from 360 and geared even lower to turn a beautiful Matched Avia aluminum constant speed prop of 108 lbs. and 106 inches.”

When asked why they chose that model, Neil heartily replies, “THRUST baby! When we’re near full gross floating on a small lake with trees and mountains all around, we’ll pass the homesick angels on climbout!”

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