Please consider this problem: Someone losing a medical who has flown his 140 for more than 30 years and is an excellent pilot. As an organization we were hoping for an approval as a Light Sport Aircraft and had already received that when the FAA reneged.

The EAA and the AOPA have not helped us at all even though there are more than 1,500 owners. Those new LSA planes are often not yet certified and cost over $50,000. Most of the antique-classics are half that, have been upgraded, rebuilt, loved and cared for. Will you please help us?

I would like to point out a dispute with the FAA. It is regarding language that was inserted in part 1 of the final rule of the sport pilot regulations. It is this language that made David Lowe’s STC that lowered the gross weight of the Cessna 120/140 series of aircraft invalid. The Light Sport Aircraft STC (SA02482AT) that was granted to David Lowe on behalf of the International Cessna 120/140 Association before the NPRM was concluded was essentially shot down by the addition of a phrase: “…unless previously certificated at a higher gross weight.” That addition to the rules was not there or discussed during the comment period. The STC was already in place. At 1,320 pounds, the 140 is just 150 pounds over that arbitrary figure. It’s easy to keep the lower weight when it’s flown as a Light Sport Aircraft. The beauty of the STC is that the 140 can be both. But we were lied to by the FAA when they added that phrase. You should know that some Ercoupes, some Aeroncas, some Pipers, some Luscombes and some Taylorcrafts can stay within that weight.

If you care about this issue and want to keep your 140 you should write your U.S. senators and representatives.

The FAA is there to serve the aviation community. The Light Sport Aircraft /Sport Pilot rule was described as a way to make aviation more accessible and affordable. Is anyone out there listening?


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