The same old song and dance

After receiving a sample copy of GAN, I subscribed. I have not read many aviation journals until yours arrived. My aviation career spanned more than 40 years as a captain, DPE, FBO, etc., etc. Alas, my medical is history. So I now cruise around in the cockpit of a 1953 MG.

I’d like to comment on Charles Spence’s Aug. 24th article about the airlines blaming GA for their woes (Capital Comments: Airlines continue to blame GA for their woes). It is nothing new. That same old song and dance has been going on for decades.

Until the Congress, FAA and the airlines realize that they can’t change a law of physics — that is to say, “two bodies cannot occupy the same place at the same time” — there will always be delays. Any time that law is violated, it is called an accident!

Delays are not the fault of GA. It is a straight fact that Congress, the FAA and its administrators do not have the intestinal fortitude (for use of a printable adjective) to tell the airlines how it really is. True, the airlines are in the business to make money. I don’t fault them for that, but the FAA is responsible to all taxpayers and traveling public for air safety. Perhaps they, the administrators and airline executives, should be held criminally responsible (as in some countries) for their actions (or lack of) and then you will see how quickly delays are reduced or, for that matter, eliminated.

I look forward to your fine publication twice every month.

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