Take a guided tour through GA’s most popular high-performance planes

There comes a time in every pilot’s life when he or she has the urge to fly — and later buys — an aircraft with retractable landing gear. The pilot who is serious about the experience would do well to read “Flying the Light Retractables,” by LeRoy Cook.

The 130-page book contains information about a variety of light piston singles with retractable gear. Mooney fans will want to hold their lighters up in salute when they read the author’s dissertation on the Mooney designs. Beech and Cessna fans will be pleased as well.

The subtle and not-so-subtle differences between manufacturer models are presented with clarity — and lots of photographs — so there will be no more moments of “I think that is a ….” on the ramp at air shows and fly-ins.

The book, which sells for $19.95, is published by Aviation Supplies and Academics and is available from online retailers and brick and mortar stores that carry ASA products.

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